Tire Deflation Devices

Recently the law enforcement, military and homeland security market has seen its fair share of pursuit termination systems. And most of these are of the standard variety that drags nets across the street, uses caltrops or are systems that need to be manually deployed in front of the target vehicle. Given the lack of better and safer alternatives, PSEMC and Stop Stick® saw a huge scope of improvement in the vehicle pursuit termination and vehicle stopping market.

PSEMC is partnered with Stop Stick®/Stop Tech Ltd. For product information or to obtain a price quote, please contact our sales team: NightHawk

Being an industry leader in the VAD domain, PSEMC has earned the reputation of being a premier supplier of energetic materials supplying critical components to the US Military, US Space Program as well as commercial space launch companies. And in its endeavor to create durable and high-performance products, PSEMC has always maintained a simple goal – “SAFETY FIRST, QUALITY EVERY TIME.”

PSEMC Engineering’s mission was to protect the first responders and enhance first responder safety. The key areas that needed to be enhanced were:

  • Keep the first responder out of harm’s way
  • Ensure no debris was left on the roadway
  • Ensure the innocent were not affected by the deployment of a vehicle arresting or pursuit termination device
  • Ensure other first responders were not affected by the deployed devices

Our Design Engineering team used the aforementioned key areas and requirements as a benchmark to develop two of our premium product lines.

  • The NightHawk® – Remote Tire Deflation Device
  • Pit-BUL® – Vehicle Arrestor System

Quality Every Time

For us Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company quite literally means Premier Supplier of Energetic Materials. Every single product we make goes through extensive testing, strict manufacturing procedures, accepted test procedures and a rigorous quality review. PSEMC is committed to quality and we clearly understand how mission critical it is for our customers when it comes to the quality and performance of our products.


The NightHawk® is a smart combination of high tech engineering and proven Stop Stick® tire deflation technology niftily packaged into a small case weighing less than 30 lbs. The NightHawk takes the first responder out of the way of oncoming traffic and eliminates the need to throw a stick across the road at just the right moment. Fairly simple to operate, it can be placed on the side of the road and can cover up to 24 feet of lane space when deployed. With just a click of a remote control RF frequency button (up to 100′ away), the system deploys in less than 2 seconds in front of the targeted vehicle. The target vehicle gets no time to react as it runs over the spikes eventually resulting in deflated tires and the Stop Stick®’s are encased in protective sleeves for added safety. The system can then be remotely retracted with a second click of a button which ensures that no other vehicles are affected. The target vehicle’s tires are also deflated at a controlled pace allowing it to come to a safe stop.


Concealed inside a normal looking speed bump, the Pit-BUL® is a vehicle arresting device with major stopping power. The Pit-BUL’s stopping power is equivalent to a suburban traveling at 40mph.

Designed to be quickly deployed, the Pit-BUL® ensures that no vehicle can escape capture. It remains passive until remotely activated from up to 300 feet away. Law enforcement, DHS, DOD and other organizations can use it for roadway checkpoints, high value building/installation entrances, airports and border crossings. Choose single or double lane coverage.


  • Allows normal traffic flow until target vehicle selected
  • No anchoring required for vehicle capture
  • Vehicle cannot escape capture
  • Remote activation from up to 300 ft
  • Hardwired or RF
  • Remote deactivation if unused
  • Setup time < 30 minutes
  • Modular design for portability
  • Tire spikes/net deployment time < 250 milliseconds
  • Single or double lane coverage available
  • Non-lethal