Pit-BUL®: Non-Lethal, Portable, Low Risk, Covert, and Reusable, VEHICLE CAPTURING DEVICE!

PSEMC has engineered what we believe is the safest and most risk free vehicle capturing system ever produced. It remains passive until remotely deployed, and has the capability to be integrated into an existing security system such as Video Analytics.

No car, truck, or van, will be able to escape capture. What’s more, it will stop a vehicle safely – in its tracks; users needn’t worry that a car will careen out of control, possibly causing damage to nearby structures or harming innocent pedestrians.

Pit-BUL In Use

Users stay safe, as this portable yet covert vehicle stopping device may be deployed from up to 300 feet away. Pit-BUL® allows for the normal flow of traffic until the user selects a vehicle to be captured. Unlike traditional barriers, Pit-BUL enables safety for the driver and passengers while the vehicle is captured and stopped without any chance of escape.

Our vehicle arresting system works by capturing a vehicle’s front wheels in a mesh net as the car drives over what looks to be a speed bump. The car’s wheels will lock within 20 feet, stopping the car safely (the car can be returned to drivable condition in no more than 10 minutes by simply removing the mesh net from the wheels). Normal traffic may resume over the speed bump within minutes.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE, but not limited to:

  • All Perimeter Security, including integration into existing video analytics or as a stand alone
  • Airports
  • Industrial/Commercial entrances & exits
  • Law Enforcement; traffic control; DUI checkpoints
  • Power Plants; Nuclear and other high value energy generation and distribution facilities
  • Border Crossings, Ports, and Military Bases
  • Rental Car Agencies
  • University Campuses
  • Can be used in a one or two-lane configuration with multiple systems.
  • Data Centers
  • Government Buildings