Vehicle Arresting & Capture Technologies

When your mission is to immobilize a wide range of vehicles and/or create a vehicle arresting barrier, PSEMC’s vehicle arresting technologies provide safe, reliable and proven vehicle arresting systems for your organization. PSEMC has over 50 years of successful engineering innovation and design reliability. PSEMC’s vehicle arresting systems are portable, lightweight, covert, and ready to meet your vehicle arresting situations. They are helpful in checkpoints, for pursuits, high value building and asset protection.

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Pit-BUL™ is a non-lethal lightweight vehicle arresting device using highly reliable, proven space and missile technology. Its deployment time is less than 250 milliseconds and it can be set up in less than 30 minutes and reloaded in less than 5 minutes, providing the end user a portable vehicle arresting barrier, in a fraction of the time; all within the cost of standard vehicle arresting barriers.

NightHawk® is PSEMC’s and Stop Stick®’s newest addition to the vehicle arresting family of products. It is a remote-controlled spike deployment and spike retraction system incorporating proven stop stick tire deflation technology. NightHawk is lightweight, portable, remotely deployed, remotely retracted, quickly reloadable with a proven high vehicle arresting capability. It is a safe solution for an unsafe situation.


Designed to be quickly deployed, the Pit-BUL™ vehicle arresting barrier ensures no vehicle can escape capture. The Vehicle arresting system remains passive until remotely activated from up to 300 feet away. Law enforcement, DHS, DOD and other organizations can rely on the Pit-BUL® for roadway checkpoints, high value building/installation entrances, airports and border crossings. Pit-BUL® Vehicle Arresting Barrier can be configured for single or double lane coverage. Flexibility, reliability, portability and ability to stop a vehicle safely are its biggest strengths.
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Features: Pit-BUL® Vehicle Arresting System
  • Allows normal traffic flow or remains passive until target vehicle is selected
  • No anchoring required for vehicle capture
  • Vehicle cannot escape capture
  • Remote activation from up to 300 ft
  • Hardwired or Wireless
  • Remote deactivation if unused
  • Setup time < 30 minutes
  • Portable modular design
  • Spikes/net deployed < 200 millisecond
  • Single or double lane coverage available


The NightHawk® is a lightweight, portable vehicle arresting system deploys spike strips faster and safer than hand-thrown systems. The NightHawk is remote tire deflation device which remotely deploys and retracts stop stick vehicle arresting technology from a safe standoff distance to deflate tires and stop the vehicle safely, keeping the user out of sight from the target vehicle. NightHawk vehicle arresting device is highly effective in all chase scenarios, various terrains, and reduces the disruption of traffic flow. After a successful engagement of the target vehicle, the spike strips are retracted back into the housing allowing traffic to flow without disruption. If you need to stop a moving vehicle, PSEMC's NightHawk Remote Tire Deflation Device Vehicle arresting system is the latest in safe, reliable vehicle arresting pursuit management.
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Features: NightHawk (Remote Tire Deflation Device)
  • Remote deployment and retraction from a safe standoff distance (up to 100 ft)
  • Non-disruption to thru-traffic flow
  • Deploys/retracts faster and safer than hand-emplaced technologies
  • Effective in various terrains